You Can Use This DIY All-Purpose Cleaner To Clean Everything In Your Home!

I have always wanted to find a DIY recipe for a cleaner that is truly an all-purpose one. A cleaner I can apply on any surface in my home. Something I can use to clean my kitchen countertops, my wooden tables, my bathtub, my windows, mirrors, and even my floors.

When I first started using natural ingredients to make my own cleaners this concept seemed impossible. I was finding cleaners for different surfaces in my home but never something that can be used on everything. As time passed, I became more experienced and I even stopped following recipes I found online and I focused on experimenting.

And then, one day, I finally managed to create the best all-purpose cleaner that is safe to use on just about any surface in a home.

How To Make This Magical DIY Cleaner?

Making this cleaner is easier than you think and, to be honest – you don’t need any fancy ingredients. All you need is white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, distilled water, Castile soap, and lavender essential oil. Of course, you can use any essential oil you want. I use lavender because it has antibacterial properties. When you combine lavender oil with the rubbing alcohol and vinegar, this cleaner becomes extremely strong and can be used as a disinfectant. All dirt, dust, impurities, and germs will be removed!

Start off with filling an empty spray bottle with equal parts of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water. Then add 1/4 tablespoon of the Castile soap and 15 drops of the essential oil you decided to use.

Then gently shake the bottle so all ingredients can mix well… and that’s it!

Now you have made an amazing all-purpose cleaner you can use to clean and disinfect any surface in your home. I use it in every room – my kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom.