What are the health benefits of a kiwi

There are plenty of health benefits that are hiding in a kiwi such as helping with protein digestion, managing blood pressure, boosting the immune system, creating acid balance, etc. Another thing that it helps with is improving skin health, respiratory function, preventing cancer, helping restful sleep.

  • Helps with managing blood pressure

The main reason for high blood pressure is because of altered electrolyte levels. Kiwis have lots of potassium which can help correct the imbalances causing the high blood pressure.

  • Helps with the immune system

Extremely packed with Vitamin C, kiwis can help you with boosting your immune system. It also has lots of other anti-oxidants that will protect your body from harm.

  • Helps with Diabetes

All diabetics need to consume carbohydrates. Kiwis can provide that. Also, when you have a craving for something sweet kiwis are a great solution.

  • Helps with acid balance in the body

A lot of people have blood pH that is acidic – a normal pH needs to be neutral or slightly alkaline. Kiwis are the best solution to balance pH since acidic blood pH can cause cancer, growth of yeast.

  • Helps with sleep

Kiwis produce serotonin which as we all know improves our mood. It also improve the quality of sleep.

  • Helps with improving skin

Kiwis contain Vitamin C which is really good for the skin. Some other vitamins that are found in kiwis help reflect UV damage.

  • Helps with improving respiratory function

Respiratory health can benefit a lot from the Vitamin C that is in a kiwi. It also includes bioflavonoid which is used in reducing asthma attacks.