The easiest way to clean foam earplugs

What is the best way to clean foam earplugs without wasting too much time? We all live very busy lives and we already spend enough time cleaning and maintaining our homes organized. That is exactly why we need are always searching for easy and quick ways to manage small cleaning tasks, and I can reassure you that your foam earplugs will need only 2 minutes of your time.

I have recently had a lot of problems with my sleep due to my loud neighbors and I thought that the best solution for my issue is to simply start sleeping with earplugs. It’s not ideal but I think no one has found an effective way to deal with loud neighbors, therefore, I had to be creative in order to save my sleep!

I remembered that I have an old pair of foam earplugs that I haven’t used in years but I knew they were in a terrible condition. I had previously dropped them in dirt multiple times and they had completely lost their appeal but since I was so desperate to save my sleep I had to be quick with the cleaning process.

I read that earplugs need to be disposed of once they are way too dirty, and I must admit – mine were more than just dirty, however, it was 3 in the morning and I couldn’t exactly go to the store and replace them so I had to find a way to make them work.

So how did I clean them?

I decided to do what my instincts were telling me – soak them in warm soapy water. I mean, it is probably the oldest trick in the cleaning book and it works for so many different things so I thought to myself: Why not?!

I simply filled a cup with warm water and put a couple of drops of liquid soap. I soaked them in the mixture and started rubbing them with my fingers so that I could remove the dirt faster.

And guess what? It worked! Once I was done I rinsed them to remove any excess soap and I let them air dry.

Long story short – I cleaned my earplugs and saved my sleep…

Of course, if the earplugs have a storage container than you need to clean it as well. I recommend refilling the cup you used with more warm soapy water and repeating the same steps to clean them as well – that’s what I used to clean mine.

Here is a step-by-step video of the cleaning process: