Learn how to easily clean your grill!

Cleaning your grill is probably one of the chores you are neglecting the most. Unfortunately, the more you postpone it the dirtier it will get which means one thing – you will need to spend a lot of time cleaning it. Not only will it become this time-consuming chore but you increase your chances of getting food poisoning due to the germs (a dirty grill is a breeding ground for bacteria).

Deep cleaning your grill is very important and you need to make it a priority of yours. I will tell you exactly how I deep clean mine!

So how can you deep clean your grill?

Let’s start off with everything you need – rubber gloves, a grill brush, a plastic knife, a kitchen sponge, microfiber towels, dish soap, paper towels, avocado oil, and 2 buckets!

I know it may look like you need a lot of things but let’s be honest – all you need for the actual cleaning is dish soap and avocado oil, the other things are just cleaning tools which you already probably have in your home anyway.

Start with preheating the grill on high for a few minutes. That way any food residue will be able to turn to ash.

Then make a soapy mixture with how water in a bucket, dip a sponge in there and start scrubbing the exterior of your grill. Once you are done rinse and dry with a microfiber towel.

Then open the lid and turn off the gas. Let the grill cool down completely then scrub the ash with your grill brush (dip it in the soapy water). Once you are done make sure you rinse and dry it completely.

Then I recommend you rub avocado oil with a towel on all sides of the grates which will protect them from rust.

Then remove the flavorizer bars and scrub them with the brush dipped in the soapy water.

Continue with scrubbing the burners and the metal reflectors.