How To Clean A Stone Patio With Natural Ingredients?

If you have a stone patio then you know how easily it gets dirty mainly because of all the foot traffic. I am super happy to announce that I have found an all-natural way to deep clean the stone patio – and the best part is that it’s super cheap and easy to do. You don’t need any fancy equipment or cleaners – just a few household items you already have in your home.

I guarantee that by the end of the cleaning process, your patio is going to be spotless and will look brand new!

How To Clean A Stone Patio Naturally?

First, we need to prepare the DIY cleaner. You need to grab a bucket then fill it with warm water. Then add 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap then mix well.

Next, dampen a soft-bristled brush in the mixture and start scrubbing the stone patio using a circular motion.

You need to cover the entire surface. Make sure you focus on areas that are extremely dirty and apply more pressure when scrubbing them so you can really remove all the build-up.

Then, once you are finished, it’s important to rinse the patio. If you have a garden hose then it will be easier. If you don’t have one then fill a few buckets with water and rinse.

Do not skip this step because if you leave the soapy water, it will attract more impurities.

Then, let the patio air-dry. If it’s a sunny day, it will take a few hours.