Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

All carpets need to be taken care of and maintained. They collect so much dirt, dust, bacteria and they probably have at least one stain. You definitely need to consider cleaning them from times to times. After all, just vacuuming them doesn’t get rid of everything. This doesn’t need to be that hard. I know it sounds like so much work but I promise you it’s not. There are just some things you need to do to assure the long lifespan of your carpet and to keep it in brand new condition for as long as possible.

How to remove stains from a carpet?

What’s important is to get rid of them right away. This can almost always guarantee you that your carpet will be stainless.

  1. In case of stain don’t rub it but dab it with a cleaning solution. That way you don’t put that much pressure on it and you don’t spread it even more. Basically, that’s why rubbing a stain does – make it worse.

  2. Blot your stain with a cloth that has baking soda.

  3. If that doesn’t work spray it with a mixture of vinegar and water. Let it soak for at least 10 minutes. Press a clean sponge on it after to soak everything

  4. Apply shaving cream directly on the stain. Let it stay for 30 minutes. Blot it with away with a dry cloth. Spray it with a mixture of vinegar and water then wipe it away with a cloth.

  5. You have a gum pressed in the carpet? Grab ice cubes and apply them on the gum. The idea is to freeze the gum. Use a spoon after to lift it and cut the strands of the carpet that is close to the gum.

  6. Have candle wax on your carpet? Grab your iron and a towel. Place the towel on top of the stain and then put the heated iron on top. Scrape the wax with a knife after. Don’t leave the iron for more than 30 seconds. Also use a white towel, otherwise the color of the towel might transfer on the carpet.

  7. Dropped candy on your carpet? Try and scrape it with a butter knife then apply a mixture of water and dish soap with a sponge. You need to remove all the sugar because it will attract dirt and bacteria quicker


    How to clean your carpet?

    Like I said a normal vacuum can’t clean it that well.

    1. Use powder

    By powder, I mean powdered carpet cleaner or baking soda.

    • Sprinkle the powder all over your carpet

    • Leave it for a couple of hours. If possible leave it overnight. That way you will get the best results.

    • Vacuum the powder after


    1. Use liquid soap

    • Mix warm water with a few drops of liquid soap.

    • Scrub the carpet using a clean cloth damped in the mixture

    • Blot the surface after using a dry towel to soak the water


    1. Use vinegar

    • I have a recipe for you. Mix one cup of vinegar, two cups of water, 2 teaspoons table salt and 15 drops of essential oil of your choice.

    • Do a little test in a small corner of the carpet. This solution might discolor your carpet so you need to test it first.

    • If everything is fine, proceed with applying the mixture to the carpet.

    • Let it soak for a couple of minutes

    • Spray the carpet with water

    • After everything use a dry towel to soak as much of the water as possible.

    • After drying, you can vacuum the carpet to loosen the fibers


    1. Consider having it professionally cleaned

    This is something that you should do at least once or twice a year. They professionally steam clean it, get rid of the stains, restore its original color and many more. The benefits of having your carpet cleaned by pros are a lot. No matter what you do and what DIY method you use it’s impossible to deep clean it as well and beat professional equipment.