5 Cleaning Products You Should Avoid Using If You Have A Dog

If you have a pet than finding cleaning products that are effective will be even harder because most of the ones you can buy from the store are actually bad for the health of your dog.

You probably haven’t realized this, however, I wanted to give you a list of all products you need to avoid!


As you probably know your dog has a much more sensitive sense of smell than you which means that using such harsh chemicals like bleach can be bad for their health.

I would suggest you avoid using bleach, however, if you must clean something with it make sure your dog is in another room.


Many commercial cleaners that are meant to remove grime and germs contain ammonia – an ingredient which can be dangerous for your dog.

So before you buy a new cleaner make sure you check the ingredients first!

Oven Cleaners

Usually, oven cleaners can be harmful to your dog due to the ingredients it contains.

This is why I would recommend you ditch the commercial products and start making your own oven cleaners! Not only will your dog thank you but you will also save some money by following some DIY recipes containing natural ingredients!

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Toilet bowl cleaners are made with bleach which as I previously stated is pretty harmful to pets.

Some negative effects that it might have include vomiting and poor orientation. Similar to the oven cleaner, I suggest you make your toilet bowl cleaner using natural ingredients.

Counter Cleaners

Another very important product for the cleanliness of your home which is harmful to your dog is the counter cleaner.

Unfortunately, even if you think that this cleaner won’t get in contact with your dog – it will! If the cleaner is with a spray bottle that means that the product you spray can travel through the air and land in the food or water bowl of your pet.

A great alternative is to use vinegar. It’s the perfect all-purpose cleaner!